Monday, June 11, 2012

Asheville Enchanted

I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Often, I have criticized people who live in the shadow of the Mountains here who bitterly complain about life - if they just looked up, they would be inspired and grateful. But recently I realized I've been doing the same thing. Moaning about being a single parent, bills piling up, laid off and then hired only to have the position eliminated before I start. All those are real concerns, but...

But here's the big but. This morning as I prepared for the day I started doing exactly what I criticize others of doing - complaining with the backdrop of the most gorgeous mountains in all of the world. I have stood and listened to a friend in North Turkey Creek complain about things that don't matter to a hill of beans and behind her laid a garden of fresh vegetables and a mountain of green that rose as majestically as any in Switzerland. And lately I've been doing the same thing.

But today, I meditated and heard the birds sing and the streetlight illuminate a patch of trees, a sweet kiss of green light. That's what this photo does for me, reminds me that the sun I saw when I took this photo is bending down to light our day and show us how beautiful life can be... if you only see it as it really is. So today I choose joy and choose Asheville Enchanted.

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  1. Thanks for the link Billie! How we miss the mountains do very much do this breathes life to my weary soul today...thank you! Hope you all are well!

    1. Heather, We miss you guys too! Taking in the beauty here is like drinking a pure glass of water. Say hi to Kiersten and Steve - and Kaden!